On Bees and Honey

New Bees

April 08, 2015 South Mountain Bees

It's been a hard winter, and we lost two of the three colonies; a big contrast against the 100% survival from last year. The bees we had ordered to grow our apiary went into replenishing winter losses instead. We installed the new bees (that's what putting bees in a hive is called), and here's a picture of the queen box from one of the packages.  The queen is inside a plastic tube at the top, but you can't quite see her in this shot. On the top right, you can see a worker feeding her majesty. The workers had built...

Where are the bees?

February 18, 2015 South Mountain Bees

People often ask what do bees do during the winter. Bees do not hibernate, but they will stay in a tight cluster keeping her majesty warm. On a mild day (40ºF or more), they will come out for a cleansing flight. There are no bathroom facilities within the hive! They all wait patiently for a warm winter day.

Award Winning Soaps!

February 07, 2015 South Mountain Bees

We just heard from the New Jersey Beekeepers Association Honey Show officials that our soaps have been awarded the Red Ribbon! We are very excited to be offering a top quality product. Sharon Geraghty, from Maplewood, New Jersey, wrote: "Congrats, Adriana! I'm really not surprised. For 20 years I worked for top cosmetic companies and retailers. I've been trained in 60 lines from around the world and I'm IN LOVE with the soaps I bought from you!"

What is the color of honey?

January 21, 2015 South Mountain Bees

Honey comes in an amazing variety of colors, from transparent light to molasses like dark. It all depends on the floral source. Linden honey is among the lightest honey we can find in our area, with a light floral flavor. Tulip poplar is a bee’s favorite, they won’t go anywhere else until they collect all its nectar. Tulip poplar honey is dark amber. The season ends in New Jersey with Japanese bamboo in the Fall. It yields the darkest honey I’d ever seen. It is so thick that you can’t see through it even in a small jar.