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The pandemic has upended our lives in so many ways, and we learned to find comfort in giving, in helping, and in listening. We all had to change in ways we never imagined possible. We became teachers, counselors, virtual friends, online yoga buddies, and more.

At South Mountain Bees we are constantly creating new gift sets, partnering with other small businesses to lift each other up, while bringing you the presents you want to buy.

South Mountain Bees gift boxes are here bursting with natural cosmetics, soaps and delicious honey. We are proud to offer that extra caring touch of a handwritten note, a handcrafted present, a nicer box, and something they will actually use and enjoy.

People are also more aware of where they spend their money. The fact that so many small businesses had to close permanently last September (almost 100,000 small businesses!), means that people want to help small businesses stay afloat.

At South Mountain Bees we donate soaps and lip balm to the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, adding that extra sense of purpose to gift giving, remembering those who have less and need more. We run promotions where for every product you buy, we donate an equal one to the Coalition.

Remember that since a lot of gifts are being mailed in 2021, shipping times may be longer, and getting ready early is key to making sure they are received on time.

OurĀ wooden gift boxes add something special to the gift giving and receiving experience. This wooden box is made of fragrant pine wood, it's soft to the touch, and the slide top cover fits perfectly. You can repurpose this box to neatly store crafts supplies; it has the perfect size for organizing socks, and remote controls can finally have a home! You can store soaps or candles, and you can use it in your guest room for your visitor's toiletries. The possibilities are endless.

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If you can't decide what to get, and you fear that they won't get it in time, but you have a budget in mind, select a South Mountain Bees Gift Card.

Remember, there is free shipping on all domestic orders $65 and over.

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