Best Honey in New Jersey

The Best Honey in New Jersey. And it could be yours!

Best Honey at New Jersey Beekeepers Association Honey Show

Hi, This is Adriana, the beekeeper from South Mountain Bees.

Whether you need honey to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, or you just enjoy it on toast, this honey will not disappoint you.

Don't take it from me. The judges ruled that this is the best honey in the State of New Jersey, according to the 2020 New Jersey Honey Show. Carefully crafted from hive to jar using only mechanical means to preserve the integrity of this delicate product that the bees so laboriously created. 

This honey is as unique as single parcel wine; it is single apiary honey. 

Here's what Ivonne, one of our clients, said:

"Frankly, the best honey I've ever had. The flavors and aromas are complex without being overwhelming showing a range of orange blossoms, lavender and rose water. The sweetness impression is very balanced and never cloying. Best of all, it is a local product and makes me feel good about buying it. My husband says: Reminds me of the best Baklava. What's not to love?"

Get it while supplies last! And if you are sending it as a gift, don't forget to include something extra for those you can't be with this year.

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