Rosemary soap with green, red and ochre swirls rests on a beech wood soap dish with beehives in the background and fall foliage all around.

This Fall Favorite is Back!

It's October 19, and I just filed the Q3 New Jersey sales taxes a whole day early! And it feels so good to get rid of the frantic last minute stress. Who needs more stress these days? That one I could avoid.

I always reward myself with some gardening or nature walk when I finish something tedious. So I grabbed the trowel and the gloves, and relocated some evening primrose plants for about an hour.

Something I learned (the hard way... is there any other way to learn? Sigh.), is that what isn't covered with plants, ends up covered with weeds. So I decided to replace grass and weeds growing in the wrong places with evening primrose that was overcrowding a garden bed.

evening primrose is a native yellow flower the blooms profusely in spring.

The reason I believe this might work is because a few years ago, I moved five small evening primrose plants a couple of years ago, and now they take up four square feet, and there isn't a single weed among them. I'll let you know next year how it turned out.

While I was out, I was enjoying the turning foliage on the trees on our street. The fall is such an inspiration. It looks like Nature is going out with a boom of colors, before the well deserved winter rest.

Those colors are the ones that inspired this Fall Rosemary soap last year, and we are really happy to have it back in our soap collection.

This rosemary honey and beeswax soap has swirls of red, green, ocher, and beige. It is scented with rosemary essential oil, and it makes a creamy and silky lather that leaves the skin moisturized.

I just made a new batch and here you can see me cutting soaps.

This soap is part of the Nature Walk Gift Set.

If you miss being outdoors, this gift set is just for you! I wish you could smell it! The mint and lavender lip balm, the subtle rosemary soap, the dandelion salve, the honey scrub, and even the beech wood of the soap dish are lovely scents. 

I was walking in the reservation when I got inspired to create it. It was a perfect afternoon. The bold fall colors contrasting beautifully against the blue sky, and a perfect mirror image on the reservoir painted a breathtaking masterpiece.

The South Mountain Reservation boasts the splendor of fall colors against an afternoon blue sky. The a perfect mirror reflection on the reservoir water paints a breathtaking image.

The set is full of natural skin care products. All of them are handcrafted in small batches for utmost quality control, using the finest honey and beeswax that we have available.

The lip balm will restore your chapped lips, and you'll enjoy fiddling with the tin. It's so cute! The dandelion salve will soothe your dry hands, and, after enjoying a nature walk, the soap and scrub will welcome you in a warm shower at home. The washcloth will make the soap lather even thicker, and the soap dish will make your soap last longer, by letting it dry between uses.

The Nature Walk gift set is inspired by the beauty of the fall. It contains a rosemary soap, scented with essential oil, and decorated with mineral mica and volcanic clay forming swirls in ochre, red, green and beige. The beech wood soap dish will help extend the life of your soap by allowing it to dry between uses. The thick and soft washcloth will intensify the creamy lather leaving your skin moisturized. The honey and vitamin E scrub will gently remove dead cells and leave your skin revitalized. The bamboo spoon will allow you to scoop out as much as you need. The beeswax lip balm will restore your lips after being outdoors, and the dandelion infused salve will soothe your dry hands after the fall gardening and wilderness adventures.


Before I go, remember that you can join me in helping the honeybees, by purchasing any of our products.


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