Raw Honey – South Mountain Bees
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Raw Honey

Did you ever try honey right from the beehive? If you haven't let me tell you that it is the most delicious taste you'd ever experience.

Luckily we are able to harvest honey in the comb and also get that honey straight into jars with minimal handling so as to preserve the bounty of beneficial properties of honey.

We are so lucky to have the most amazing floral sources here. Our bees forage in the South Mountain Reservation of New Jersey stopping at their favorite flowers along the way. From linden, poplar, Japanese bamboo and a variety of wild flowers, they collect nectar to produce that delicious honey I was telling you about.

Weather permitting, we harvest our honey twice a year in Summer and Fall without using heat in the extraction process. Such mechanical process preserves the beneficial aspects of honey.

If there's a drought in the Summer, we don't get a Fall crop. Farming is a fragile activity subject to weather conditions.

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