Collection: Craft Raw Honey

Did you ever try honey right from the beehive? If you haven't let me tell you that it is the most delicious taste you'll ever experience.

Finest Harvesting Method

At South Mountain Bees we can harvest honey in the honeycomb and also get that honey straight into jars with minimal handling.  We extract honey from the honey frames without using heat to preserve the bounty of beneficial properties of honey. That's why we can honestly call our honey "Raw".

Craft honey: from hive to jar, is the purest form of honey you can find outside the hive.

Natural Resources

Our area is gifted with a rich variety of nectar sources. Our bees forage in the South Mountain Reservation of New Jersey stopping at their favorite flowers along the way. From black locust, linden, poplar, Japanese bamboo, and a variety of wildflowers they collect nectar to produce that delicious honey I was telling you about.

Farming In Suburbia

Weather permitting, we harvest our honey twice a year: in summer and again in fall. Beekeeping is farming, and the honey harvest is different every year. If there's a drought in the Summer, we don't get a fall crop. Farming is a fragile activity subject to weather conditions and climate change.

We Sell Out. Join Our List

Because our honey is popular and our apiary is small, we sell out quickly. Please join our mailing list to be notified as soon as honey becomes available.  Here's the link to join.

Shiny dark honey in finest hexagonal glass jars with golden lids.
Bees on a frame of bright orange pollen and some capped brood. In fall bees repurpose brood frames to store pollen for the winter.

The Bees Guide Us

We work in harmony with our honeybees to create natural bath and body products and the most delicious honey.

Each business decision is guided by our care for the honeybee. If it hurst them, we don't do it.

That's why our business is soy free, corn free, and free of avoidable chemicals, and we strive to use sustatinable packaging.