Collection: 100% Beeswax Candles

Our 100% beeswax candles will not disappoint. Don't be deceived by the size! A small beeswax candle will shine brighter and burn longer than any other kind of candle, even a large one with 3 wicks!

Check out our candle experiment here.

Beeswax candles clean the air, and did I mention that they smell heavenly?

Burning beeswax candles unleashes a symphony of scents, far richer and more nuanced than your average scented candle. Here's a breakdown of the aromatic experience:

Dominant note: A warm, sweet honey fragrance takes center stage. It's not the sharp, cloying sweetness of candy, but a gentle, natural sweetness reminiscent of a sun-drenched beehive.

Supporting notes:

    • Spicy whispers: Delicate floral and herbal notes sneak in, hinting at the pollen and propolis the bees collected. Imagine a hint of lavender, rosemary, or clover dancing on the edges of the honey sweetness.
    • Nutty richness: A subtle warmth like toasted almonds or pecan adds depth and complexity to the scent. This comes from the natural wax itself, giving the overall aroma a comforting earthiness.
    • Clean burn: Unlike paraffin candles, burning beeswax produces minimal smoke and a faintly smoky, caramelized note. This adds a pleasant edge to the sweetness, reminiscent of a crackling fireplace.


So, if you're looking for a natural, complex, and utterly captivating scent experience, light a beeswax candle and revel in the symphony of nature's perfume.

a 100% beeswax votive candle in a red glass candle holder.
Bees on a frame of bright orange pollen and some capped brood. In fall bees repurpose brood frames to store pollen for the winter.

The Bees Guide Us

We work in harmony with our honeybees to create natural bath and body products and the most delicious honey.

Each business decision is guided by our care for the honeybee. If it hurst them, we don't do it.

That's why our business is soy free, corn free, and free of avoidable chemicals, and we strive to use sustatinable packaging.