About Us

In 2012, we started backyard beekeeping as a family adventure hoping to help mitigate the decline in honeybee population. We started with two hives and a lot of enthusiasm.

Today, our bees forage in the South Mountain Reservation of New Jersey stopping at their favorite flowers along the way. From linden, poplar, Japanese bamboo and a variety of wild flowers, they collect nectar to produce delicious honey.

Using the surplus of honey and beeswax our bees produce, we strive to offer top quality products with all natural ingredients and avoiding pesticides and chemicals.

Our clients witness the outcome of our efforts. After trying our moisturizing vitamin E and Shea butter cream, Aleida from South Orange, New Jersey, wrote:

"Just wanted to share my testimony. I have extremely dry skin (face) in the winter. Nothing I've tried has helped. I was putting Vaseline as a desperate measure. This vitamin E cream has been AMAZING!!! My skin looks and feels supple, soft, smooth. I won't use anything else now. Thank you Adriana!!!"

"After trying the moisturizer yesterday on my hands I can tell you it's sensational!  After several washings my hands still felt smooth and that for me is a miracle.

And PS: The scrub is fantastic!" Carol Zipse DeMeo, Maplewood, New Jersey.

"I used the soap to wash my hands earlier and was impressed. Then I took a shower and was pleasantly surprised too. I used it on my face and was like "wow, it's not dry". It really is a beautiful soap! Even my winter itchy legs didn't need lotion tonight." Lisa D Van Croft-Ellis from Union, New Jersey.

 Brian Corrigan from Maplewood said:

"Oh...my...God!  That honey is amazing! If I didn't know better, I'd swear you'd put some kind of orange flavoring in it. That stuff's not going into tea...it's strictly for spreading on bread where you can really taste it!"

And a few weeks later Brian said:

"I had some friends taste it just two nights ago. You're gonna need more bees!"