About Us – South Mountain Bees

About Us

In 2012, we started backyard beekeeping as a family adventure hoping to help mitigate the decline in honeybee population. We started with two hives and a lot of enthusiasm. Despite our busy schedules, we felt it was important to dedicate time and resources to care for the bees. Did you know that about a third of the food we eat is made possible by the humble honeybee? We can’t afford to ignore them.

Carefully crafted in small batches, our products treasure honey and beeswax from our own backyard bees. We spend countless hours caring for our suburban honeybees, which live a healthy life sheltered from the harmful chemicals of traditional commercial farming, and foraging freely in the South Mountain Reservation.

With every bar of soap, tin of lip balm, or jar of honey that you purchase, you are joining us in helping save the honeybee. In return, the bees will reward you with the amazing products they help us create.