On Bees and Honey

Proposed Regulations Will Effectively Outlaw Backyard Beekeeping In New Jersey. Act Now!

January 07, 2018 South Mountain Bees

The beekeeping community was celebrating victory when a set of laws protecting beekeeping were signed in June 2015. Little did we know that the regulations implementing these laws will effectively outlaw back yard beekeeping in New Jersey. If you enjoy local honey, if you notice more flowers, more berries, and more birds in your back yard, if you never had a problem with honeybees despite the fact that there are many beekeepers in our area, and if you agree that our food production depends on a statewide healthy population of honeybees, please take a few minutes to write to the...

Healthy Pollinators For All!

December 28, 2017 South Mountain Bees

2017 has been a challenging year for pollinators. At South Mountain Bees we are worried about insects and how they reflect the health of our planet. We learned that between 1989 and 2016, the biomass of flying insects decreased between 76 and 82 percent, according to a report published in early October in the journal PLOS One. Although the research was carried out in Germany, it seems to unveil a global truth. I was looking at an old album of pictures (remember those?). It had photos I took in the late nineties when I used to carry a heavy camera, and I could not even imagine owning a...

Neonics are slowly killing our bees

July 03, 2017 South Mountain Bees

Who wants to pull weeds by hand, if you can spray some magic potion to get rid of them effortlessly? The problem is that the magic potion is in fact a poisonous one, that may cost us all a high price in the long run. The active ingredients in the magic potion are called neonicotinoid pesticides, neonics for short. Neonics are a new class of pesticides chemically related to nicotine. Beyond the urban and suburban gardens, the problem is even worse in commercial farmlands. The neonics pesticides story reminds me of the tobacco scandal. It is an uphill battle of research and data gathering contrasting the...

Four Awards Including Best in Cosmetics Division at 2017 New Jersey Beekeepers Association Honey Show

February 10, 2017 South Mountain Bees

Landi Simone, NJBA Honey Show Chair, acknowledges the hard work that goes into preparing entries for the show and emphasizes how it benefits all beekeepers in the State of New Jersey.

The rusty-patched bumblebee added to the endangered species list

January 11, 2017 South Mountain Bees

Pollinators are an essential part of our ecosystem.  Steps to protect the rusty-patched bumblebee will benefit our environment at large. "The rusty-patched bumblebee, once common across the continental United States, has been designated an endangered species by the Fish and Wildlife Service: the country’s first bumblebee, and the first bee from the lower 48 states, to be added to the register." Read more.