Collection: Natural Honey Soaps

Soil can be hard to remove from your hands after a gardening session. But don't worry, we got you. Our soaps are the perfect solution. While tough on removing dirt from working hands, these soaps are creamy and gentle on your skin, with beeswax to seal in most needed moisture.




Our natural espresso soap resting on a wooden soap dish in the afternoon light.  Coffee grounds in the foreground, a succulent and a branded wooden box in the background.
Bees on a frame of bright orange pollen and some capped brood. In fall bees repurpose brood frames to store pollen for the winter.

The Bees Guide Us

We work in harmony with our honeybees to create natural bath and body products and the most delicious honey.

Each business decision is guided by our care for the honeybee. If it hurst them, we don't do it.

That's why our business is soy free, corn free, and free of avoidable chemicals, and we strive to use sustatinable packaging.