Teacher's Gift

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Since the pandemic started, teachers have had a really difficult time. They had to change everything they were doing, with minimal training, and limited resources. Some of them had to learn technology they might have found intimidating. Stepping out of their comfort zone, supporting students emotionally in ways they never had to do before.

Teachers are the face of the education system, but they often don't make the decisions. Teaching is often a thankless job, like cooking, you spend endless hours of work, and it just takes a few minutes to consume what you prepared.

In these challenging times we are going through, let's take a moment to thank them for their efforts in dealing with the crisis.

At South Mountain Bees, we put together these gift sets, to help you show how much we value all they've done for our kids.

Choose one of these options:

Gift Set Hero Teacher: A handcrafted soap, a honey scrub, and a beeswax lip balm 

Gift Set Awesome Teacher: A handmade soap, a luxury hotel washcloth, and a hardwood soap dish.