Dick Taylor chocolate bars with South Mountain bees raw honey and saffron honey.

Indulgence in a Bag

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Imagine this.

The days are getting colder, but you still love going for a walk, and cherish being out and about enjoying the last drops of fall colors.

You get back home with red cheeks, and the thought of a treat sneaks into your mind.

You boil water and choose your favorite tea.

While you wait for your tea to steep, you wonder what would go well with it.

Then you open the indulgence in a bag with a curated selection of craft chocolates and artisan honeys featuring saffron honey. 

Your tea is ready.

The chocolate snaps in your hand with a crisp sound.

You drizzle honey on your chocolate.

The blended smell of honey and chocolate is enveloping.

The taste is beyond anything you've anticipated.

Now that you imagined it. Here's all you need to do.

Choose the chocolates you like from the drop down menu. 

And add it to your cart!

Each bag contains one or two chocolate bars and two 2oz honey jars including saffron honey.

The chocolates are carefully curated by chocolate sommelier and international chocolate judge, Nadine Kerstan, from Barometer Chocolate. Check out her amazing collection of craft chocolate.

Here you can see how Nadine teaches us how to thoroughly enjoy chocolate with honey.