Rosemary soap with blue and purple swirls about to be cut with a wooden soap cutter.

The Reveal Of The Rosemary Soap

Making cold process soap is an exciting journey of changes and surprises.

Cold process soap loaf with purple and blue swirls on wooden cutter ready to be sliced into bars.

I plan it in my head often obsessing about details of what needs to happen when and why; what tools I'm going to use; what colors to choose this time, which oil is going to be used to dissolve the mica before adding it to the soap, how much should it be mixed. Do I want a smooth color or a playful irregular mixture?

Different Every Time

The temptation to repeat an earlier success is big, but the creative bee in my head says, try something new! So they are all different, and limited edition keeps it exciting!

Even in loaves of the same batch and in bars from the same loaf there are variations. Soap hardens quickly like sugar frosting in shallow bowl, so the same swirly movement a few minutes later, leaves a different pattern. It's so much fun!

There's also a sense of surrendering. Once the texture changes, we can't go back. Only starting over will give me a second chance.

By far the most exciting part of making soap is the reveal. After blindly mixing colors under the surface of the raw soap, the soap changes in consistency and color, and we never really know what we are going to find.

The Reveal

I promised the reveal, and here it is. Check out how I cut our soap with our wooden soap cutter and what this delicate rosemary soap looks like!


Why The Freezer? 

Check out this earlier post where I explain why I start curing my cold process soap inside the freezer. 

Order Here

As I mentioned earlier, this is a limited edition soap, and if you want to pre-order, here's the link. It will be available in early February. Don't miss it!

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