Your quiz results have landed! 

The honeybees have tallied up your answers and it looks like you’re shopping for…

The Conscientious One 

That meticulous person in your life, the one who loves the calm of a spotless house, the perfect listener, so focused on helping others that they barely remember to take care of their own needs! 

They’re good listeners and problem solvers. Yet, despite being self-sufficient and independent, they rarely prioritize their self-care.

Wow! Isn’t this special person lucky to have YOU in their life…

…a gift giver who goes the extra mile to consider what they’ll love based on their personality. 

What this type of personality could use is a thoughtful gift that encourages them to indulge a bit in themselves. 

Good news…

We’ve got the perfect present to show them you care. 

Introducing our... 

A bundle of bath and body products including soap, lip balm, salve, scrub, soap dish and washcloth.

Eco-Friendly Gift Set

A perfect eco-friendly, luxurious bath kit for The Conscientious One in your life who could use a little “Me Time”.

Packed with care for your loyal friend with a handwritten note. Just tell us what to write and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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Peek inside this deluxe bath kit:

A tin of dandelion-infused soothing salve to soothe working hands and tired feet. Our salve is infused with pesticide-free sage and dandelion in a soothing oil and beeswax blend. Packed in a charming plastic-free container your giftee can reuse.

A resealable jar of raw honey scrub to buff and smooth the skin. Raw honey, cane sugar, Italian olive oil, and unprocessed / non-GMO Vitamin E come together in this award-winning rub that won’t clog pores — or the drain!

A bar of hand-crafted honey soap that removes dirt from working hands while being creamy and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The natural beeswax seals in moisture and the sweet smell of honey gives a natural, aromatic experience without being overwhelming. 

An award-winning lip balm to restore chapped lips. Our lip balm has a balanced mix of nourishing oils, emollient beeswax, and non-GMO vitamin E. Lightly scented with lavender and peppermint European essential oils contained in an eco-friendly plastic-free tin.

The zigzag soap dish has contact with your soap only along the ridges of the dish, allowing the soap to dry quickly lasting much longer than if it were sitting on a pool of soapy water.

A beech wood soap dish to extend the life of their handcrafted soap by allowing it to dry between uses. Made in the USA!

Packed in a gorgeous wooden pine box with a bamboo spoon and a hotel-grade washcloth, so that all they have to do is draw warm water for the bath! 

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Why the Eco-Friendly Gift Set?

All products in the Eco-Friendly Gift Set are hand-crafted by us in New Jersey, with award-winning honey produced by our backyard bees! 

The top 3 benefits of honey and how it can help The Conscientious One in your life:

Honey is a treat for the senses.  In our scrub, honey acts as a gentle exfoliant and conditioner leaving the skin soft as silk. Our bees feast on the nectar in our neighborhood and produce delicate, golden, and floral honey, adding an enveloping scent to the self-care routine.

Honey is a gift for the skin. When used as an ingredient in soap, it gives a sweet aroma and promotes a creamy lather that’s humectant to the skin. Your giftee is one scrub away from feeling supple, smooth, and rejuvenated!

Lastly, honey is gentle on our planet. Our raw honey is unprocessed and unheated, and it requires minimal farming. When used as a cosmetic ingredient, it provides an eco-friendly alternative to industrial bath and body products — making it the perfect gift for the Conscientious One trying to make the world a better place. 

You can read more about our environmental mission here. 

A bundle of bath and body products including soap, lip balm, salve, scrub, soap dish and washcloth.

The perfect gift for The Conscientious One is waiting for you. 

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Who’s behind your perfect gift?

Hi! Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Adriana Compagnoni, and I’m the beekeeper and founder of South Mountain Bees. We live by the South Mountain Reservation in New Jersey, and the creative minds of kindergarten and third grade drew our logo and merged the South Mountain Reservation and our honeybees to create South Mountain Bees.

In 2012, we started backyard beekeeping as a family adventure. The sustained decline in the honeybee population motivated us to do our part to help save the bees. 

We started with two hives and a lot of enthusiasm. Our kids' school projects had bees all over! From kindergarten onwards, show and tell, artwork, and essays often featured honeybees.

Best kindergarten Show & Tell ever

In 2013 we started bottling and sharing our honey with friends and family, and by 2015 we were selling our honey at our local Farmers Market. 

While harvesting honey, we started accumulating beeswax. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head! 

In 2014, I started making skincare and bath products using honey and beeswax from our bees.

Our products are safe for sensitive skin. My dermatologist keeps South Mountain Bee business cards in her office so that she can recommend my soap to her patients. 

“It’s remarkable!” she says. “Better than any commercial soap on the market, and it lasts a long time.”

Protecting the environment is an important part of our mission. We avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals and work hard to source the best natural ingredients we can get. Our packaging is as close to plastic-free as possible.

Adriana with Awards from the New Jersey Honey Show 2020.

Loved by judges

Our soap and skincare products have won many awards at juried competitions, including Best in Cosmetics Division 4 years in a row at the New Jersey Honey Show.

Collecting my ribbons and Best in Show plaque at the New Jersey Honey Show, in February 2020.

Endorsed by professionals

Dr. Allison Fox, founder of Renew Integrative & Functional Medicine, wrote

“I adore these products and recommend them to everyone I know!”

My dear, late friend, Sharon Geraghty, was a cosmetics rep from Maplewood, New Jersey. 

After hearing that our soaps were awarded the Red Ribbon at the 2015 New Jersey Beekeepers Association Honey Show, she wrote:

"Congrats, Adriana! I'm really not surprised. For 20 years I worked for top cosmetic companies and retailers. I've been trained in 60 lines from around the world and I'm IN LOVE with the soaps I bought from you!"

Supporting our community

At South Mountain Bees, we care for our community and we support the Elizabeth Coalition To House The Homeless. Executive director, Linda Flores-Tober, shared a quote from one of the families the Coalition serves:

 “Miss Linda, when you are homeless, people act like you are invisible. They don’t look at you, they don’t acknowledge your presence. It makes you feel like you don’t exist”.

Those words stayed with me, and I wanted to make sure that we don’t forget our homeless, and although a scented soap is not a home, it can give them a small moment of happiness knowing that they are acknowledged.

When you purchase a gift box we donate a soap to The Coalition.

A bundle of bath and body products including soap, lip balm, salve, scrub, soap dish and washcloth.

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“I bought this as a gift for one of my family members and she absolutely LOVED it! The scents were incredible and the products were such high quality. I definitely recommend this as treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one!” Jacqueline Snyder, Co-founder of The Product Boss.

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