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Shopping For Presents? Here Are Six Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas


Gift set in wooden box with honey scrup, soap, beech wood soap dish, salve and lip balm

Climate change affects the way people choose presents this gift-giving season, and if that speaks to you, you came to the right place for eco-friendly products.

At South Mountain Bees, from our ingredients to our packaging, we strive to choose what’s good for the planet and include free gifts that go hand in hand with eco-friendly living, such as free bamboo spoons with every body scrub, and free pollinator-friendly flower seeds with every gift set.

1- Reusable Tins

reusable tins with coins, pills, paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, etc.

Our lip balm and salves come in charming reusable tins. They are so irresistible that some of our customers collect them. The tins have a second life as organizers of small items such as paper clips, tacks, pills, coins, jewelry, and more.

2- Plastic-Free 

Unfortunately, there is plastic everywhere including jar lids, labels, and the stomachs of deep-sea fish. Although creating 100% plastic-free products is challenging, we try to use glass everywhere we can. Our moisturizer, bath salts, and honey scrub come in glass jars reducing the use of plastic containers that end up in landfills. Even better, our shampoo bars don’t need a bottle. 

3- Eco-Friendly Packaging: Paper, Cardboard, And Wood 

wooden box reused as an organizer to hold remote controls.

Our handcrafted soaps come in cardboard boxes, and our eco-friendly shampoo bar is wrapped in waxed paper. Our gift sets with natural skin care products come in cardboard mailers free of plastic film coatings. Our pine wood gift boxes double as seeds, crafts supplies, and crayon organizers. They have the perfect size for storing socks and home remote controls. A dream for the knitter, the slide top makes this box a yarn holder. Use it for soaps or candles and in your guest room to add SPA charm to your visitor's toiletries. The possibilities are endless.

box full of eco-friendly products: soaps, shampoo, bath salts, lip balm and salve.

4- Soy-Free Products

According to the World Wildlife Foundation current soy farming practices are devastating to the environment, besides the erosion of soil, negative social impact on small farmers and indigenous peoples, and greenhouse gases, the water pollution is expansive. 

Therefore we are committed to a 100% Soy-Free product line, including our candles.

5- 100% Beeswax Candles in Glass Votives

Did you know beeswax candles burn brighter, are cleaner, and last longer than any other candles? Check out our candle experiment here

Our candles are made from 100% beeswax. Beeswax is a by-product of harvesting honey. It exists in the beehive in its natural form and requires no processing other than filtering through paper or cloth. Our candles are hand-poured by fellow beekeepers and come either on their own or in a red glass votive. 

6- Pollinator-Friendly Flower Seeds 

Holiday Gift Set with votive in red holder, chocolate bar, honey jar, raspberry, and chocolate soap. lip balm

During the pandemic, people who never ventured into gardening tried it and got hooked. Besides skin-nurturing products for seasoned and beginner gardeners alike, our eco-friendly gift sets include free seeds to add pollinator-friendly flowers to the landscape.

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