Soap and Wooden Dish for St. Michael's Medical Center – South Mountain Bees
A complementary duo of soap and wooden dish in a clear top gift box.

Soap and Wooden Dish for St. Michael's Medical Center

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I want to invite you to help me donate $10 gift boxes to health care workers at St Michael's Medical Center in Newark. As you know, the hospital is in the hardest hit area of Essex county, and my friend who works there tells me heartbreaking stories of young healthy teens dying from the virus.

If it is hard for me to hear, I can't imagine what it will be to witness it. That's why I want to run this campaign to donate to those on the front lines. The regular price is $19, but I am offering the donation option for $10.

The gift has one of our award winning soaps accompanied by a handcrafted wooden dish. So that when they get home, they can use a gentle soap in a relaxing shower.

The soap dishes are made of a variety of woods and soap saving shapes.

Among the wood types are beech, aromatic pine, beech, purpleheart, and ipe (Tabebuia Guayacan), a hardwood sustainably and responsibly grown in Brazil.