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Soap Of The Month Club - Monthly Subscription

Soap Of The Month Club - Monthly Subscription

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Enjoy every month a different soap handcrafted following our award winning formula. All our soaps are free of chemicals and feature beeswax and honey from our own backyard honey bees. These vegetarian soaps contain a blend of our own honey, natural oils, and butters rendering a luxurious moisturizing soap. Our soap bars are loaded with skin-loving oils, and the botanicals in our soaps are herbs and flowers from our pesticide free garden. 

For a $15 monthly fee, you will get two bars of soap of a different kind each month. A $9 off the regular price of two soaps, and even more for special edition soaps. 

Look forward to a selection of botanical, scented, and volcanic clay soaps!

No need to commit up front to a specific length or time. You can cancel your subscription at any time. We will contact you to set up your subscription once we receive your First Month order.