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South Mountain Bees

Beard Soap

Beard Soap

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A gentle soap for facial hair with hair-nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Shea butter. Beeswax makes it mild and longer-lasting.

This beeswax and Jojoba oil soap will leave your beard soft and revitalized. 

Our conditioning beard soap is rich in emollient ingredients such as African Shea butter and organic coconut oil. Jojoba oil is an excellent lubricant of hair and skin fostering hair growth.  It replenishes moisture in dry hair, and helps seal in moisture protecting hair from drying.   Its apricot kernel oil brings shine to the hair, and its olive oil  infuses moisture directly into the skin and hair shaft. It features castor oil, which makes a thick lather and has anti-fungal properties for clean skin.  

Finally, straight from our beehives comes the magic ingredient: beeswax. Beeswax stimulates hair growth, and it helps add volume to your beard while keeping it soft, shiny, and more manageable.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Castor, Shea Butter, and Beeswax.



"I've been trying the soap and so like it. I feel like it makes my beard softer and it has a nice scent."
Jim D. South Orange
Mark A. from South Orange says "the soap has a nice, mild scent and makes my beard feel softer and smoother. Thanks for letting me try it."


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The reservoir of West Orange, New Jersey, dressed in its stunning fall colors.

Good for your skin and gentle on our planet

Being eco-friendly is more than a mission for South Mountain Bees.

We keep bees, and bees need a healthy planet. We can't afford to use ingredients that are farmed hurting the environment, or ingredients that are chemicals that have no place in natural bath and body products.

Therefore our handcrafted products are Palm-free, Soy-free, Corn-free, Dairy-free, Parabens-free, Phthalates-free, Mercury-free, and made without harmful chemicals and fillers. 

All our products are vegetarian and are made with natural ingredients.