The Soap Club

The Soap Club

An Exclusive Monthly Subscription

The Soap Club is a monthly soap subscription containing our signature South Mountain Bees soaps

Our soap club members have been enjoying our monthly soap surprise since 2016.

We are proud to have earned many awards through the years with our soaps, including Best in Cosmetics Division at the New Jersey Honey Show. Our clients love our soaps and the judges do too!

Why should you join The Soap Club?

If you join the club you will never run out of your favorite soaps. We will take care of it for you.

You will enjoy every month a different soap handcrafted following our award winning formula. All our soaps are free of chemicals and feature beeswax and honey from our own backyard honey bees. Assorted soapsThese vegetarian soaps contain a blend of our own honey, natural oils, and butters rendering a luxurious moisturizing soap.

If your skin needs that extra TLC, these natural soaps are for you. Our soap bars are loaded with skin-loving oils, and the botanicals in our soaps are herbs and flowers from our pesticide free garden. The subscription features popular best sellers such as Honey, Lavender, Rosemary Dream, Orange & Lemon Balm, and more. 


Our soaps are so gentle and creamy that you won’t go back to commercial supermarket soap. Our clients even bring our soaps with them when they travel!

How does the Soap Club work?

This is how the soap of the month club works.

For a $18 monthly fee, you will get two bars of soap (3oz each) of a different kind each month. That's $6 off the regular price of two soaps, and even more for special edition soaps.

A $72 savings each year!

To join the soap club, purchase your first month here.

Receive our white glove treatment

Because we care about our clients, we will call you to set up your subscription to the soap club and listen to any questions you might have. We will take note of your preferences, your favorite scents, and those you might want to avoid. We have members of the soap club with sensitive skin that only want our unscented honey soap, while some don’t like mint or coffee. We want you to get only the soaps you like. 

How often do you want to receive your handcrafted soaps?

We want you to get the soaps you need, and adjust the frequency that fits you best. Is monthly too often? Choose bimonthly. We will review frequency during our phone call.

We offer two options:

  1. Local pick up in South Orange, New Jersey

  2. $5 flat fee shipping anywhere in the USA

What will you get?

Look forward to a selection of botanical, scented, and volcanic clay soaps!

You will also get a complimentary surprise with your first month, as a thank you for joining the Club.

As club members you also get to enjoy the limited edition soaps we submit to competitions.

No need to commit up front to a specific length or time. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Need an emergency gift?

Soaps are great last minute gifts to have in stock. Wrap them in craft paper or fabric and tie them with twine. They make great companions to gift cards, flower bouquets, or wine bottles.

Did you know that men love scented soaps too? Never leave an unattended soap. 😊

Good for your skin and good for our planet

You can enjoy our soaps knowing that they are made in small batches with environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Palm-free
  • Soy-Free
  • Corn-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Vegetarian Soap
  • With Honey and Beeswax
  • Small Batch
  • Handcrafted


Soap Base Ingredients

All our soaps contain olive oil, organic coconut oil, canola oil, water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, beeswax, honey.

Extra Ingredients

Different soap varieties may contain additives such as Kaolin clay, mineral mica, pigment powder, rhassoul clay, sea clay, seeds, dried leaves and flowers, sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, and coffee grounds.

Scented Soaps

Scented soap contain essential oils. The only soap that contains fragrance oil is the chocolate soap.

Only the Best

The Soap Club is a monthly soap subscription containing only our South Mountain Bees soaps. We will never include third party soaps in your subscription.

Ready to get started? Get your first month here.

See what our clients have to say.

 Tina says: "I just love their soap!! It makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated."

Soap Review - Tina

Ina's review says: "I’ve used homemade soaps from various creators over the years, but hands down the soap from South Mountain Bees has been the most luxurious ever! I was blown away by the quality. The orange and lemon balm was simply heaven! And the lip balm leaves my lips nourished for hours! I will definitely be ordering again."

Soap Review - Ina
Caroline calls them "Heavenly soaps". See what she says about our soaps. " I love the Autumn Rosemary soap that I got last fall, but it's running out. So I ordered the new rosemary soap and devoured to try the orange and lemon balm. Wow! I'm amazed at the bright and refreshing scent of the orange and lemon balm. I feel like I'm on vacation when I smell it!
Treat yourself!"

Soap Review

Mary Kate shared her experience with our soap during the pandemic: "I received a bar of this soap in a lovey gift box full of south mountain bees treats and it was my favorite component. The bar lasted a long time in my bathroom, which saw us washing our hands constantly this summer. The soap never dried out our hands, it actually provided a welcome layer of moisture. It has a nice, light scent. I highly recommend this soap! 


Soap Review -Mary Kate
Lisa shared her first experience with our soaps. " Today I pampered myself.

I indulged in a long hot bath and tried my first bar of silky glorious and luxurious lemon balm soap made by Adriana from South Mountain Bees - a delight to the senses and so very magically moisturizing. All grown and made in South Orange just like Adriana’s delectable award winning raw honey.

I need more days like these and more of South Mountain Bees amazing products."
Soap Review - Lisa Gay
Dani's review made me laugh. She bought the soaps for a present, but she couldn't let go; she ended up keeping them for herself. " I bought three different types of soap (Honey, Lavender, Beer)
as a gift And I coopted some for myself...and WOW. The beautiful lavender scent when opening the box was clean and just as if you clipped fresh lavender from the garden. The honey soap has a very clean barely noticeable scent and the beer soap does have mild but pleasant, slight ale scent. All three soaps lather well and don’t leave any film After showering. These soaps smell and work great and surprisingly very affordable. I need to order more now, so that I can give a full box of soaps as the gift I intended. Thank you South Mountain Bees!"
Soap Review -Dani M
Susana has been using our soaps for many years. She left this review in 2016 on our FB page. "I'm a new customer. I bought the soaps last summer and my review is that they are the best cleanser moisturizer I've ever used to wash my face and my very dry hands. I'm trying other products very soon. Additionally, It is very important to support local bee keepers and promote small business. You get a win win win win from buying these products. I've met Adrianna twice so there's no reason for me to be saying this except I believe in what she's doing and we are getting so much in return from her dedication to her bees."
Soap Review
Lisa wrote this review less than a month after we started making soaps. "This soap is wonderful! Very hydrating. I use it all over, even on my face!"

 Soap Review

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