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South Mountain Bees

Handcrafted Natural Soaps

Handcrafted Natural Soaps

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Each handmade natural soap bar contains beeswax, making them exceptionally mild and long-lasting.

The beeswax comes from our backyard honeybees in South Orange, New Jersey, on the edge of the South Mountain Reservation. The soaps contain organic coconut oil, Italian olive oil, and a touch of castor oil for a creamy lather. Our award-winning formula produces a moisturizing natural soap bar ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Our soap bars are so mild that they can be used as a cleansing hand soap, natural body soap bar, and gentle face soap bar.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.


All our soap bars contain olive oil, organic coconut oil, canola oil, water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, beeswax, honey, sea salt.

Natural Soap Additives

Different soap bars may contain Kaolin clay, mineral mica, pigment powder, rhassoul clay, sea clay, pink Himalayan salt, coffee grounds, seeds, and dried leaves and flowers.

Naturally Scented Soap

Our natural handmade soaps are scented with the highest quality essential oils to offer natural soap scents such as rosemary, lavender, and orange. Occasionally we indulge in chocolate fragrance oil for our limited edition chocolate soap bar.

How to use

  • Wet your skin,
  • Rub the soap on wet skin gently once or twice (yes! that's enough),
  • Lather, and
  • Rinse.


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Net weight

3 oz (85 g). Often more.

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  • From an expert

    After hearing that our soaps were awarded the Red Ribbon in 2015 at the New Jersey Beekeepers Association Honey Show, Sharon Geraghty, from Maplewood, New Jersey, wrote: "Congrats, Adriana! I'm really not surprised. For 20 years I worked for top cosmetic companies and retailers. I've been trained in 60 lines from around the world and I'm IN LOVE with the soaps I bought from you!"

  • "Wow, it's not dry".

    "I used the soap to wash my hands earlier and was impressed. Then I took a shower and was pleasantly surprised too. I used it on my face and was like "wow, it's not dry". It really is a beautiful soap! Even my winter itchy legs didn't need lotion tonight." Lisa D Van Croft-Ellis from Union, New Jersey.

The reservoir of West Orange, New Jersey, dressed in its stunning fall colors.

Good For Your Skin And Gentle On Our Planet

Being eco-friendly is more than a mission for South Mountain Bees. We keep bees, and bees need a healthy planet. We can't afford to use ingredients that are farmed hurting the environment, or chemicals that have no place in a natural soap bar. Therefore our handcrafted soaps are Palm-free, Soy-free, Corn-free, Dairy-free, Parabens-free, and made without unnecessary chemicals and fillers. Our soap bars do not contain any synthetic preservatives or artificial hardeners.

All our soaps are vegetarian and are made with natural ingredients.

Vibrant hues of yellow, orange and blue on the wings of a tiger-swallowtail butterfly glow in the afternoon sun on pink echinacea flower.

When a soap is more than a soap

Natural soaps can transport you to your favorite garden spot through scents and textures. Even in the middle of winter, when there isn't much gardening to do, you can close your eyes while you lather your hands with a scented handcrafted soap and travel in your mind to a breezy spring morning enjoying the scents of your hobby.

Did you ever smell something and the scent took you right back to your childhood?

Smells can teleport us to very specific past moments. Rosemary smells like gardening with grandpa, and lavender like that walk by the lake with our bestie. The fresh citrus scent of orange essential oil can take us back to the first time we squeezed our own orange juice. 

A natural handmade soap can keep the scent of essential oils and release it gently over time as you use it.

Even in the middle of a busy day, washing your hands is a mini aromatherapy session.

Adriana with Awards from the New Jersey Honey Show 2020.

Decorated With Prestigious Awards 

Last but not least, our soaps won many awards including Best in Cosmetics Division at the New Jersey Honey Show 2017, 2018, and 2019. We are the proud makers of the best natural bar soap.

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