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Did you know that beeswax candles shine brighter?

The secret of beeswax candles. Two luminaries, one with a beeswax candle, and one with a non-beeswax candle. The beeswax candle shines brighter.

For the past few years, every January on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we've been lighting luminaries to honor his legacy of nonviolent struggle for civil rights in the United States.

On one of those occasions, I used an assortment of tea-light candles, and one of them was a pure beeswax candle. I took some photos for the mandatory social media post of the day, and I noticed that the beeswax candle was shining brighter, and it was still going long after all the other candles had finished burning.

Ever since I noticed that the beeswax votive was shining so much brighter than the other candles, I wanted to run an experiment to burn candles side by side, and observe the difference in a more controlled environment. 

But I never have time to burn candles. I mean, burn candles following the instructions for the perfect burn. Did I mention I am a perfectionist? It’s a curse. I am one of those people who reads the warnings, and because of that I don’t think I can stay in the same place long enough to safely burn it while the wax melts edge to edge. I used to forever ago…

Anyhow. It so happened that we had a power outage, and the conditions for the long delayed experiment presented itself. I lit a bunch of candles, got a couple of paper bags to make the luminaries, and I was ready to show how beeswax candles can easily outshine non-beeswax candles, even if they are more than twice as wide, and have 3 times as many wicks!


I challenge you to try it! It's a fun experiment. Have members of your family take guesses as to which candle will shine brighter.

All you need is:

  • a beeswax candle, 
  • a non-beeswax candle and 
  • a couple of paper bags. I used white ones, but you can use brown ones too.
Candle light gift set with an assortment of bath and body products and a beeswax candle on a red glass votive holder.

After your experiment you’ll learn that not all candles are created equal.

Buy smart! Choose beeswax candles.

Trust the bees! They know better.

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  • An interesting post! I’ll have to try this!

  • Not to mention they smell good too :-)

  • Sarah, thank you for that! I also thought it meant to extinguish.

    Adriana Compagnoni
  • okay

    Marc Med
  • Hi, love this post and def want to try it. Learnt an amazing fact about candles yesterday. To snuff a candle means completely the opposite of what everyone thinks. Ie. People think it means to extinguish it when it really means to trim the wick so it gets brighter. How odd is that?


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