Kaitlin's Lip Balm

Kaitlin's Lip Balm

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My daughter asked if I could make a cherry lip balm for her birthday party favors, and that's how Kaitlin's Cherry Lip Balm was born!

We combined our beeswax lip balm with cherry flavor and raspberry mica, and we got this lovely scented lip balm with a subtle pink gloss finish.

You still get all the good properties of our lip balm. Our own beeswax is a fantastic ingredient in lip balm, because it moisturizes the skin, it protects from ultraviolet sun rays, and it has natural antibacterial properties. The emollient nature of sweet almond oil penetrates the skin offering further lip conditioning. 

Ingredients : Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Cherry Flavor and Raspberry Mica. 

container: printed metal tin
net weight: 0.25oz