Rosemary Dream: A winner in so many ways.

Rosemary Dream: A winner in so many ways.

Rosemary Soap

Hi! This is Adriana, the beekeeper from South Mountain Bees. 

I wanted to share that Rosemary Dream is my favorite winter soap. I miss the garden so much in winter, that the rosemary fragrance reminds me that Spring is just around the corner, and I'll be able to smell it again in the garden when I brush gently against its sprigs.

I love rosemary because it can be strong without being overpowering. It has that energizing smell that makes me feel I'm going to conquer the garden and tame the weeds.

Rosemary is great, because you can grow it in very small places. They thrive even in pots. 

And of course there has to be something about rosemary and the bees. Did you know that bees love rosemary? In fact they love herbs in general. They are a great source of nectar and pollen, and they bloom for a very long time. All good features, when it comes to helping the bees.

Last but not least, this natural soap came in second at the 2020 New Jersey Honey Show in the soap category. Just one point away from the first place. A very respectable score, if I may say so.

Lathering this natural soap, will transport you to your favorite garden where the honeybees and the butterflies feast on its bounty, and you'll agree with the judges that it is an amazing soap.

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