Shea butter and vitamin E moisturizer with beeswax

Pamper your skin

Hi, This is Adriana, the beekeeper from South Mountain Bees.

Between gardening and swimming my skin gets really dry. The chlorine of the pool leaves my skin so tight I feel it's going to rip when I smile. Not quite, but you know the feeling. You've been out in the garden or going for a walk on the beach, and after a while your skin needs some TLC.

I used to have a many step skin care routine: cleanser, exfoliator, toner,  several serums, eye cream duo, and face cream. Ever since I started making our moisturizing cream with Shea butter and vitamin E, I just use that, and people ask me what I put on my face, since my skin looks so good. I love the compliment, but what I enjoy the most is simplifying my life.

You'll experience immediate relief, and lasting benefits. It has an initial shine, but it absorbs quickly. It is so concentrated that a few drops will coat your face, neck, and both hands. 

Carol, a nurse from Maplewood, New Jersey, said: "After trying the moisturizer yesterday on my hands I can tell you it's sensational! After several washings my hands still felt smooth and that for me is a miracle."

Last but not least, remember that you get a free pollinator friendly plant with each local purchase. Just choose from lemon balm, coneflower, catnip, shiso, peppermint, blue lobelia, and more (while supplies last).


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