Look who's on the front page!

Look who's on the front page!

South Mountain Bees on the Front Page of the News Record

Hi! This is Adriana, the beekeeper from South Mountain Bees.

I am beyond excited to be on the front page of the News Record. Thank you, Amanda Valentovic, for writing such a nice article about our beekeeping adventure.

Here there are some excerpts:

“Save the bees” has become a common phrase, as certain species of bees have been placed on the endangered species list and the honey bee population has declined. Compagnoni said taking care of them herself has made her more aware of the environment in general. She can’t use pesticides or insect spray, because it will kill her hives.

“There’s awareness that comes with the bees,” she said. “I can’t use gardening practices that are toxic. It keeps you more honest. There are indirect benefits.”

Remember that with every soap, every lip balm, and every jar of honey you purchase from us, you are helping Save the bees!

You can read the entire article in the Essex News Daily.


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Dear Priyanka,

Technically, our honey is not organic, because we are in a suburban setting, but we do our best to offer the most natural product possible.



If you are looking for honey from local bees, this is it. I was looking for locally made organic honey to manage allergies and found it! Tastes so good and has no additives. I bought two bottles and will be stocking up when I run out. Thanks Adriana!

Priyanka Pandey

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