Handcrafted solid shampoo bars on a tree stump in the golden glow of the afternoon sunlight.

How To Use Solid Shampoo And Why

An Eco-Friendly Alternative: Natural Solid Shampoo Bars

solid shampoo bars on a tree stump in the afternoon golden sun light.

Solid shampoo is a relatively new hair care product, and if you haven't seen one yet, you might not know what they look like. In simple words, a shampoo bar is a shampoo in solid form. From a distance it may look like a bar of soap, but the ingredients are different. Our shampoo bars have a beeswax printed pattern, and they fit nicely in the palm of your hand.

Don't underestimate this tiny giant. Having made liquid shampoo myself, I can confirm that liquid shampoo is 80% to 90% water. In this shampoo bar you get all the shampoo and none of the water.

This beeswax and Shea butter shampoo will leave your hair silky, shiny, soft and revitalized, and the quality is carefully monitored in our small batch process.

Our conditioning shampoo bar is rich in emollient ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil. It features castor oil which makes a thick lather and has anti-fungal properties for clean scalp. Its olive oil infuses moisture directly into the scalp and hair shaft.

Finally, straight from our beehives comes the magic ingredient: beeswax. Beeswax stimulates hair growth, and it helps add volume to your hair while keeping it soft, shiny, and more manageable.

A fragrance-free solid shampoo

Our shampoo is fragrance-free. It has the satisfying scent of a natural product. Because our handcrafted shampoo bars are free from fillers, sulfates, phthalates, and other artificial additives, they have the pleasant smell of an old-fashioned hair care product.

Have you tried solid shampoo before?

It takes some getting used to, just like any new beauty routine. It takes a little practice. Let me break it down for you so that you see how easy it is.

How to use solid shampoo in 5 simple steps

1-Wet, Wet, Wet Your Hair

The key is to make sure your hair is absolutely drenched with water. Keep in mind that liquid shampoo is 90% water, while a solid shampoo has 0% water. Picture a commercial where a woman comes out of a pool. She emerges triumphantly and her hair is smooth, glossy and slick. That's how wet your hair needs to be.

2-Rub, Rub, Rub

What has worked best for me is the following: once the hair is thoroughly wet, I rub the shampoo bar all around the hairline: front, neck and sides.

3-Divide And Conquer

If you have short hair, you can skip this step. After doing the perimeter, I part my hair with my fingers as if I were going to make pig tails, and rub the shampoo bar in the hair part as well. Now there's enough shampoo all over.

4-Lather Away

Then lather it up as you would with your usual liquid shampoo. Refrain from rubbing the shampoo bar on your hair for too long, or you'll be forever rinsing it off.


Enjoy your squeaky clean hair after a thorough rinse.

Some People Need This Step

It didn't happen to me or to any of my customers, but I've heard it from other solid shampoo makers, that sometimes people go through a detox period, when they switch to a solid shampoo, which tends to be milder than the liquid ones. In those cases people use a white vinegar rinse, but again, I never had to do that.

Finishing Touches

If you normally use conditioner, follow your shampoo with conditioner. Every hair is different, from its DNA print to the life it had. Have fun experimenting! I wish you much success with it. I am really happy with what it's done to my hair.

I used to have to wash my hair every day, and this solid shampoo bar normalized my scalp, and it is no longer oily.

Hope this helps!

Curly hair washed with solid shampoo

Not all shampoo bars are created equal

Unfortunately, some people had a bad experience with one solid shampoo, and therefore they think solid shampoo is just not for them. Some solid shampoos are not optimized for hair. Our experimentation and tests allowed us to discover that not all oils are good for scalp, not all oils are good for hair, and beeswax in the right percentage is key to a successful shampoo bar. This process allowed us to identify the best solid shampoo ingredients.

We also learned that what makes a good soap, does not necessarily make a good shampoo bar. The choice of oils and the proportions are crucial.

But don't take it from us, see this testimonial. Here's a solid shampoo review by Reese, who despite earlier poor experiences with other brands, was able to experience the difference our shampoo bars make.

"My husband has a dry scalp, and felt less itchy after using this shampoo. I appreciated how it actually lathered (other shampoo bars I’ve tried wouldn’t lather, which is frustrating). It’s great to have a shampoo without all the added weird stuff of the box brands. Thanks South Mountain Bees!"


Our solid shampoo bars are eco-friendly. They are a great environmentally conscious alternative to liquid shampoo. Our shampoo bar is a plastic-free shampoo, and you don't even need a bottle to use it!

Solid shampoo loaf in wooden cutter

All you need is your hands, our natural solid shampoo bar, and wet hair. Once it's finished, it's gone. You are not left with the guilt of tossing a bottle it in the trash, or with the burden of processing a bottle who might never make it through the recycling process, either because the lid is made from a different plastic than the bottle, or because there are traces of shampoo left in it. Did you ever try to get rid of all the residual shampoo in the shampoo bottle you just declared empty? The bubbles overflow the sink, and after 10 gallons of water, there are still sudds coming out.

Our solid shampoo will get rid of that nightmare altogether!

You probably don't know this

Straight hair washed with solid shampoo

Did I tell you that our solid shampoo is great for swimmers too? This shampoo will remove chlorine from your hair. Nobody believes I am a swimmer when they see my hair. (The straight hair in the picture: That's my hair.)

I used to hate having to buy a different shampoo just because I swim. Now the shower is clutter free. There's a wooden soap dish with the solid shampoo and a bar of soap.

Last but not least, solid shampoo is great for travel

  1. Since it is not a liquid, it does not count towards your TSA liquid quota.
  2. It won't spill in your luggage ruining that special outfit you brought for the trip.
  3. And you can avoid those tiny plastic bottles they give you in hotels, that aren't usually filled with the best products, and that further contribute to the plastic pollution problem.

 Ready to try yours? Try our solid shampoo here.

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