Winning entries of the beeswax lip balm in charming vintage metal tins.

Drum Roll!

The results are in!

Lip balm winning entries of the 2021 New Jersey Honey Show

Hi! This is Adriana, the beekeeper from South Mountain bees, and recently I was busy preparing entries for the New Jersey Beekeepers Association Honey Show: A labor of love as you can imagine. Here's a peek behind the scenes getting the entries ready.

Because of COVID, there was a lot of uncertainty about how many people would submit entries, and whether we’d even have enough submissions to hold the the show. Some people thought there wouldn’t be enough interest. However, we proved them wrong, and there were many entries; it was comparable to a non-pandemic year. The community came through, and the judges had a lot of work to do.

After a few nail-biting days waiting for the judge’s score sheets to be tallied, the results came in. Remember, we are a community of farmers, and there’s a lot of pencil and paper. 

There’s usually a bunch of people helping at the Honey Show, but this time, because of the pandemic, everything was pretty minimal, and we usually get the action shots of the judges scrutinizing honey entries with interrogation lights. But this time… crickets.

This year we knew the winning entries will not be displayed in the State House in Trenton. We also usually have the New Jersey Beekeepers  Association winter meeting right after the Honey Show, where we get to see the entries and ask the winners for their secrets in wowing the judges. But this time we had to give up on that. The winning entries will be auctioned online. We still don’t know when, and if there’s something we learned this year, is to be patient, be open to change, and enjoy what we can.

So without further ado, let me share that I am extremely proud to report that the beeswax lip balm ranked FIRST in the lip balm category earning a soon-to-be-printed blue ribbon.

The lip balm has been a best-seller from day one. People love the tins and the contents. The tins are cute, and reusable, made of metal and smooth to the touch. The beeswax lip balm is soothing on chapped lips, a must-have if you are out shoveling snow, or walking in the cold, and the little left over on your fingers after application is ideal for dry knuckles and cuticles. Try it!

Before I go, let me once more thank those who made the Honey Show Happen. Thanks for reading!

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