What is Raw Honey?

What is Raw Honey?


Raw honey is honey that has not been exposed to temperatures beyond those naturally occurring within the hive. Hive temperatures rarely exceed 95F even in the hottest summer days [1].

At South Mountain Honey, we do not use any heat at any point in the production and extraction of our honey, and it is therefore raw. To remove the wax layer that covers the honey comb, known as uncapping, we use a wire brush. 

However it is common practice for beekeepers to use electrical heated knives which are factory set at 260-270F.

You have the right to know if the honey you purchase has been exposed to temperatures as high as three times the hive temperature. Ask before you buy.


[1]  Hive Temperatures for Each Hour of a Day. Dunham, W. E. Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 181-188 (May, 1931).

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