New Legislation To Protect Beekeeping in New Jersey

Great day for beekeeping in New Jersey

Acting governor Kim Guadagno signed three beekeeping bills today.

“The interest in hobbyist beekeeping has grown since it was discovered that honey bee populations were declining in New Jersey,” Oroho said in a statement. “This unfortunately has created some misinformed concerns in certain residential areas because of a fear of stinging insects. However, honey bees are known for their passive nature as opposed to wasps and hornets that are more aggressive and can be a nuisance. This legislation makes sure that local officials who might be unfamiliar with the practice can’t ban beehives, while at the same time establishing a set of best practices for beekeepers to operate under.”

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Acting Governor Guadagno Signs Legislation to Protect New Jersey's Bee Industry

Guadagno Signs Three Bills For Bees

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