Four new members of the soap family

Meet these four new handcrafted Spring soaps.
  • Espresso-Honey has organic Bel Canto Espresso ground coffee and honey from our own bees.
  • Latte combines organic milk with organic Bel Canto Espresso ground coffee. The milk makes it extra smooth, and it gives it a creamy lather.
  • Rose features Kaolin rose clay. Rose clay has a gentle cleansing and exfoliating effect.
  • Orange-Honey has an uplifting orange scent and moisturizing honey from our back yard bees. 

On a base of saponified coconut, olive, canola and castor oils, all our soaps feature our signature beeswax making them milder and longer lasting.  Ideal for sensitive skin and suitable for the entire family.

Visit the Spring soaps page. 

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