Craft Chocolate and Creamed Honey: The Perfect Couple – South Mountain Bees

Creamed Honey and Craft Chocolate Pairings.

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My friend and chocolate sommelier, Nadine Kerstan, from Barometer Chocolate, put together these two pairings of craft chocolate with our creamed honey.

When you combine our luscious and local creamed raw honey with just the right chocolate, a certain ambrosial magic is unleashed on the taste buds that just may blow your mind. The rich notes of raspberry, citrus and roasted peanut in the Ritual Madagascar Sambirano 75% Dark Chocolate Bar bloom into a voluptuous range of flavor sensation when paired with this full-bodied honey. 

Fruition’s Madagascar Sambirano 74% Dark Chocolate Bar, with its bright notes of raspberries and citrus, pairs magnificently with this sweet, floral and fruity creamed raw honey.

See for yourself.

Jar contains 3 oz. of South Mountain Bees honey.

Learn from Nadine how to savors these two delights together.