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Creamed Honey and Craft Chocolate

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A perfect match of creamed honey and craft chocolate.

Master sommelier Nadine Kerstan, from Barometer Chocolate,  and I spent one of the best afternoons in recent history deciding what chocolate bars to match with our creamed honey, and we decided on these two sets with Peruvian cacao bars from Fruition and Ritual.

If you are wondering what is creamed honey. Don't panic! Creamed Raw Honey is a honey spread made with 100% raw honey. Smooth, rich, and creamy, creamed raw honey is great on toast, on crackers with cheese, and on its own. 

Creamed doesn't mean it has dairy in it. It just means it has solidified with a smooth texture under carefully controlled conditions.

And about the craft chocolate bar.

Fruition Peru Marañon Dark Milk 68% is crafted from prized and pure Nacional cocoa beans from the remote Marañon Canyon of Peru. Nacional beans are among the most genetically unique fine flavor beans in the world. This bar’s gentle tannins harmonize exquisitely with a touch of milk creating a luscious mouthfeel and balanced finish in an incredibly fudgy bar. It is the celebrated winner of World Gold and Best in Competition at The International Chocolate Awards 2016. It is also a Good Food Awards Winner.