Handcrafted, natural, beeswax and honey soaps – South Mountain Bees


2018 and 2017 Best in Cosmetics Division, 2016 Blue Ribbon, and 2015 Red Ribbon Winners at the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) Annual Honey Show!

These award winning handcrafted soaps contain beeswax, which makes them both exceptionally mild and long-lasting. The beeswax comes from our own backyard honeybees on the edge of the South Mountain Reservation in South Orange, New Jersey. These vegetarian soaps contain a blend of our own honey, natural oils, and butters rendering a luxurious moisturizing soap. Our soap bars are loaded with skin-loving oils, and the botanicals in our soaps are herbs and flowers from our pesticide free garden. 

After hearing that our soaps were awarded the Red Ribbon in 2015 at the New Jersey Beekeepers AssociationHoney Show, Sharon Geraghty, from Maplewood, New Jersey, wrote: "Congrats, Adriana! I'm really not surprised. For 20 years I worked for top cosmetic companies and retailers. I've been trained in 60 lines from around the world and I'm IN LOVE with the soaps I bought from you!"

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