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Soothing Salve

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For those looking for a chemical-free alternative, here’s a natural salve to soothe working hands and tired feet. Our salve is infused with pesticides-free sage and dandelion in a soothing oil and beeswax blend.

If you like being outdoors and enjoy working in your garden, this salve is for you. If you get dry hands in the winter, this salve is for you. If you feet get dry in the summer, this salve is for you. If you enjoy giving yourself a hand and feet rub, this salve is for you.

The dandelion infusion makes this salve creamy and smooth, and gives it a subtle floral scent. Since dandelions are among the first flowers that bloom in the spring, opening the tin is like opening a time capsule with a little spring treasure inside.

The tins are all different, and we get lovely new designs all the time.

Net weight: 20g

Container: metal tin

This product container is plastic-free.


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